Santa Claus is known for liking cookies, and we can’t blame him. Turns out Miamians like ’em, too. We know this because Miami’s hottest cookie spot is being recognized nationally thanks to a little help from Deco Drive.

A warm, ooey, gooey cookie hits the spot day or night. Thankfully, Night Owl Cookies in Miami can fulfill your cookie cravings.

Andrew Gonzalez, Night Owl Cookies founder: “Night Owl Cookies is South Florida’s first late night cookie delivery service. We are open until 3 a.m. to get those late night cravings right to your doorstep.”

Back in the day, Deco Drive was the first to give a hoot about Night Owl.

Andrew Gonzalez: “We first came on to the scene through Deco Drive. After that, we started getting in the the L.A. Times, Forbes, New York Times. We really blew up after Deco Drive put us on the map.”

The guy who baked up this sweet idea is Andrew Gonzalez.

Andrew Gonzalez: “In 2017, I was honored with being on Forbes 30 Under 30 list. It was a huge accomplishment.”

Because of the Forbes’ honor, last year Andrew was invited to compete for the title of nation’s top young chef.

Andrew Gonzalez: “I brought home the award with the Ave Maria Cookie. In 2018 I brought home the award with the Plantain Papi.”

From sprinkles to s’mores, there are lots of fun flavors, including his two award winners.

Andrew Gonzalez: “We are constantly having fun in the kitchen and coming up with flavors people in Miami love. One of my favorites is Plantain Papi. It is a plantain cookie stuffed with maduros and Nutella. It does not get any better than that.”

And Night Owl took a shot in the dark. Their signature cookie can come as a shot glass!

Gabriela Nobel: “The shot glass is one of the coolest thing you guys have done. You put the milk in there and eat the cookie. It is awesome.”

They look cute, taste great, and you can drink whatever you want out of them.

Andrew Gonzalez: “At Night Owl, we serve our cookie shots with milk, of course, but once you leave Night Owl, you may want to add Bailey’s or white Russian mix in there. Have some fun at home.”

Night Owl still delivers, but things have changed. They’re exclusively using Postmates for delivery.

Andrew Gonzalez: “Back when we first did our Deco Drive segment, I was making deliveries myself. I was a one-man show. Now today, we have over 10,000 cookies sold a day with over 37 percent sold via deliveries, and everything else is walk-ins. Our store gets packed non-stop, and we are really proud of that.”

Night Owl Cookies now uses Postmates to deliver all over Miami-Dade County including Kendall, Brickell, South Beach, North Miami and Westchester.

Courtesy of Channel 7 News Miami - Deco Drive.